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Online HHA Training Courses used by more HHA agencies in 2021:


The demand for home health aides have never been higher. The baby boomer population is retiring and home health care agencies can't hire home health aides fast enough.More HHA agencies are using online HHA courses as a way to conveniently and affordably train and certify their new employees. Home health agencies use HHA online courses to familiarize their potential applicants with the required HHA skills and procedures with an inexpensive and hassle-free training method. Passing the home health aide competency exam and getting certified as a HHA is easy if you start off with the right steps for your HHA training

Step#1 Know your HHA Training and Pricing Options

In-Agency HHA Training


Some home health care agencies will train you for free, but you must work for them at a lower pay for 6 to 12 months. This is so the HHA agency can get its money back from spending its resources and time training you. You can renegotiate your pay after you complete your HHA certification training and/or pass the HHA competency evaluation. While this home health aide training method is inexpensive, it requires you contractually obligate yourself to work at a much lower pay. Contact some local HHA agencies today and see if they are hiring.

In-Person HHA Training


You can attend a HHA training course at a vocational school or local college. These programs can cost anywhere from $1000 to $3000. Typical home health aide training programs may take up to 6 to 12 weeks. It is important to make sure you can afford the course and make time for your new HHA training class schedule. This method of home health aide training is the most expensive and inconvenient, because it requires driving to attend an in person class and costs more money.

Online HHA Training


Attending a HHA course online can be a convenient and affordable way to bypass all the stressful and expensive consequences that in person home health aide courses inadvertently requires. Home health aide online courses can cost anywhere from $100 to $1000. You can conveniently access your HHA training course anywhere online with an internet connection. This removes the driving to and from the classroom and lets you learn anywhere on your schedule. Many HHA agencies use this online HHA course to familiarize the their potential home health aides with the required HHA skills, training and procedures.

Step#2 HHA Class Credibility, Content and Availability:

free hha practice exam

The price and location of a home health aide course is just as important as the quality of your HHA course content and the credibility of the institution from which you are buying it. You should choose an HHA online course that is not only affordable, but also makes you stand out from all other applicants. Most HHA courses available online will include basic home health aide competency and a couple of practice tests. Here at HHA Online Course we believe when you buy an investment in your future, it should not only educate you, but also make you rise above your competition and maybe qualified or entitled to a higher wage.


The Credibility of a home health aide online course can be decided by the accomplishments of it's clients and its business with HHA agencies all over the country. Some HHA courses online have reduced customer service availability in order to have a more alluring price. Will they be available to answer your medical questions 24/7? Is there a phone number on the page? Is their home health aide testimonial page updated regularly? Do they offer Free HHA Practice exams? Make sure you're getting what you pay for! Be certain the quality of the HHA online course you are buying doesn't just meet your expectations, make sure it surpasses it.

Step#3 Making more money as a home health aide:


It is easy to make more money as a HHA if you start out with the right HHA training. Home care agencies are looking for applicants who are familiar with home health aide training skills and/or already HHA certified. To set yourself apart from inexperienced applicants you should find a HHA online course that offers advanced HHA, CNA, BFA and CPR skills. This will make your application more attractive to home health care agencies. Look for a home health aide online course that offers these skills. Most home health care agencies will be happy to interview you, especially if you are trained in these skills.

Step#4 Train and Acquire your HHA Certification

There are a lot of Home health aide course options out there and we want to make sure the HHA online course you choose fits your, schedule, time, budget and professional needs. We suggest a credible home health aide online course that HHA agencies all over the country use. They quickly and affordably prepare their employees with the required home health aide skills, procedures and training to be certified and/or employed as a home health aide. Many agencies require CPR and BFA skills. This is why a CPR and BFA course are included free of charge. The HHA online course includes detailed informative instruction on all 17 required HHA skills, includingliterature, photographs, illustrations, practice tests, and demonstration videos.

This home health aide online course is used by many HHA agencies all over the United States. The HHA course is available online anywhere with an internet connection, providing a qualified instructor available 24/7 to answer questions on your schedule through email or phone. Access to the online home health aide course is allowed for a full year. There is a 99% success rate for all passing clients!

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